My disorganized and frazzled productivity

This is a picture from my actual planner. Granted, at the time I was writing letters to various people, and in general freaking out at UAA’s accreditation loss, but nevertheless, this is actually how my planner looks at the end of a week. And, believe it or not, I get things done. There is so much to keep track of, from my husband’s work schedule, to childcare, to my part-time job, to school, etc etc. I need a new system! Because looking at this makes me feel as frazzled as it probably makes you feel. With that being said, I am pretty reluctant to use any sort of electronic calendar, and enjoy the old fashioned writing down the deadlines on calendar way. I don’t have a problem actually getting things done (did I already say that?), but this is a bit disorganized, even for my taste. I’m also not sure what my solution should be besides having the patience to write a little neater, maybe in straighter lines? Possibly a bigger planner…

I bought a very large calendar which I hung in a central location in our house so that my husband and I can keep on top of each other’s schedules. However, he doesn’t actually look at it so I think I am going to try out Picnic, which is an app to syn calendars with your family, or a google calendar. While I would much prefer the traditional handwritten way, it is just not working out (could be my handwriting….)

So far…the dings on my phone that I have gotten as reminders half an hour before an event have not angered me, and have only resulted in me getting a smug little smile that I am getting a reminder about something I already knew about because it was penciled in my very messy planner….old habits die hard!

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  1. Ha! I love your planner! That’s how I feel at the end of the week too, although I usually try to keep things organized in my head (which causes no end of frustration for my wife). I tried to use Google Calendars once to do what you are describing, but it just took too much of my time so I gave it up. I like the sound of an app that would make it easier though…

    Currently, we have a set of 4 magnetic, dry-erase calendar weeks that sit atop one another while affixed to the front of the fridge. We add upcoming events as they are scheduled and every two weeks or so the past weeks get erased, re-dated and moved to the bottom of the stack. It seems to work pretty well, and I think the secret is two-fold: it’s on the fridge (so I can’t help but see it when I’m feeling peckish) and it’s very satisfying to erase the weeks and start with a clean slate each fortnight.

  2. Hi Liz,

    I really enjoyed your post! I like how you posted a picture of your calendar. I also like to write down dates in a old fashioned planner to and sometimes mine ends up looking messy like that because things dont always happen as planned! I noticed that some of the ideas that you discussed were similar to Morgans post ( where she talks about trying to use a paper calendar instead of an electronic one. This was sort of the opposite from you but you guys both talked about how sometimes with the paper calendar things get messy. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Liz I really enjoyed your messy calendar. Sometimes being messy just works for some people. I used to be more organized than I am now but seem to make it work. Maybe its having kids. I noticed that you and Nina both tried out digital calendar systems and they seemed to work for both of you.
    I liked her thought about how writing it down helps her remember it better. Do you find that the case as well? I tried a digit calendar once and it didn’t stick but my life is getting crazier so I might have to try again.

  4. Hi Maureen,
    I do find that if I write something down, it takes the stress out of remembering. And maybe I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve accepted messiness as just part of who I am. It makes cleaning much more enjoyable because I can really see results!

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