My not so final project

My Learning thing I. My learning thing: Keeping kids safe online, for parents If your child is using youtube, there are 4 options for monitoring content. Check out this video for a quick tutorial: Bonus! If you download the Family Link app, you can set a bedtime for your child’s device. If your child […]

Humane Design/Humane Technology

How it relates to Education, Technology and Privacy I’ve covered quite a bit on humane design in technology below, so I’ll discuss education and privacy. Humane design in regards to privacy ensures that all humans have access to privacy as a basic human right, and that places, technology and products are designed with privacy in […]

Fire Away!

My three questions, after researching ADA, universal design, section 504 and Title II are : Are gyms required to be accessible by all? I’m guessing the pool and entryway to pool and locker rooms are, but what about equipment? Are websites legally obligated to be accessible? I was really surprised to hear that there have […]