ADA explorations

Affords protection to everyone regardless of sex, race, country of origin and religion.  The Americans with Disability Act  offers equal opportunity for all applicants for employment; specifically, businesses with over 15 employees cannot discriminate based on disability.  The ADA calls for equal access to employment, removing physical barriers to public places, making new construction accessible, as well as transportation and communication devices.

Did you know that even your website can be ADA accessible? (I’m sure mine isn’t, because sometimes it doesn’t even feel accessible to me…haha.) According to , there are four basic attributes to ADA compliant websites. They are:

  • Robust
  • Perceivable
  • Operable
  • Understandable

It should not surprise you that you can pay a fee to a company to make your website accessible. Here is a resource which offers some guidelines on ADA compliance for websites, and also a history of lawsuits and laws passed leading up to the present:

Yes, there are web accessibility lawsuits and they are quite common. Click here to learn more. (By the way, do you see how I just put the link in the word “here?” Doing that is a key element of website accessibility.) 😉